There are many powerful ways to create change in our lives. But, there is a way that works with the element of conflict. We cannot avoid conflict it is everywhere, all the time. Conflict can be used to create more conflict or conflict can be used to create change.

I am sure you are facing some kind of conflict right now! You ask how can I do this?

There are many spiritual powers, forces and laws that are always available to us  and using conflict to create is one of them!

The salmon swim upstream against all odds! It seems like an arduous task of failure but, watching them one can learn how to overcome and use the element of the conflict to move you forward into change. The salmon swims into the rushing oncoming waters flowing down stream at them… I mean this is like walking in the snow uphill both ways! Lol!

But, they have learned the art of turning their bodies to conform in such a way that they use the current to lift them up and cause them to leap ahead. This is the power of becoming one with your conflict. I would define this as the true physics of courage! If you are facing a situation that you cannot figure out how to overcome then maybe you are supposed to become …. become apart of the conflict head on. Defying conflict! When we learn to use the power of conflict it will lead us into a place where what looks impossible … possible! These salmon teach us to lean into the conflict without shutting down or giving up. it is easy to be swept away …. but, it takes courage and faith to lean into the conflict and learn to use it to move ahead almost miraculously! If you are facing a situation that you have tried many methods to get around then maybe you are suppose to lean in and learn! Defy Conflict with the Physics of Courage – lean in and learn what you don’t know so that you can take what is meant to sweep you away into a powerful force of change and momentum!

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