To Know Thine Self

I know I share a lot of pics….I spent many years hidden behind those who I gave my power to… I now celebrate who I am. Celebrated with all the flaws, insecurities and weaknesses. I have walked a hard road to get here and I know that we all have these issues. But, there is always a time that comes to those who seek that they must face themselves completely and accept themselves whether others do or not. We would all love it if everyone thought we were the “ cats meow” but, that is ridiculous! What is most important I found in the desert by myself is that one must be true to themselves, to their heart and soul, to their divine purpose that has been placed within them. If we do not do that nothing else will matter. To know Thine Self is truly Knowledge!E1E57F4F-0707-4094-A1CD-B6E4DF99A886.jpeg

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  1. Cliff Goodrich

    I am still very much hopelessly and crazy in love with you. I have tried and tried and tried to get you out of my mind but I simply cannot do so. I want you back with me more than I want anything in the world.  That said, I also want you to know that I went to a back specialist after I got all of that negative information from that doctor I told you about. He gave me a whole different prognosis and it looks like I’m going to be just fine and not have to worry about being crippled or anything like that. There is also a very bright future, I’m working on something that is going to be pretty big. I don’t know what to say Sonya. All I know is I want you back with me. Is there anything that you want me to do or anything I can do that would cause you to want to come back into my arms.?

    Cliff Goodrich


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