Written 199 TOUCH My God is a raging tempest in the outer courts of my soul, and a dreadful silence in the holiest space in my spirit My flesh has become a pawn,a prize to the winner of this ferocious unseen battle, a sacrifice of guilt to my God and an offering to my soulish desires O’ God , have sweet mercy when looking upon me, your child although my soul hides , I am fearful for I know you will see me as I truly am You O’ God are truly a God who dwells within this Divine temple, a temple not made with human hands or power but, with Spirit and Life Sim, sickness, doubt, fear, weakness, sorrows and suffering all come undone I am no longer able to control my weaknesses in Your presence Every flaw exposed and every strength stripped See me as I am my Divine Light and Salvation, see me as I am and save me, my only hope is in Thee- See ME as I AM My tender flesh and humbled soul are fearful to behold your presence, And yet, My spirit cries words of fate, More of Thee! More of Thee! Nothing has the power to fulfill the desire for Your Love My soul rages against me and tries to silence my feeble words, With outbursts of despair and fear of being lost in a place I do not know Lost in Your arms O’ my God My Spirit yearns for Thee Lost in Your Arms my Divine refuge is where I want to be Silence my strength with Your strength O’ God Cover my weaknesses with your glorious wings of Love My Spirit yields to Thee, waiting silently and still ever so quiet and still I learned the power of Your stillness and I have seen that you are God BE STILL MY SPIRIT, for it is in the stillness of this Divine presence My soul has been captured and lost its dominion and I have lost all strength to do my will ONLY YOURS! Your will is to be still and wait patiently for You Who can understand Your wonderful working O’ Divine One who can understand your ways If not for Your infinite mercy I would be forever lost Lost to my foolish senses and blinded desires never knowing Your presence with Your Holy Fire How humbled I am God to let you see my nakedness For truly God I am selfish and blind in all my ways Love, my God, my love for You compels my spirit to bow As it deals the blow of death to all that I am and all that Ai am not My love for You has become the only weapon of my soul My soul is uncomfortable to live You this way, Without control, without sound emotion, without my decisions and without knowledge Yet, my love uncovers me in Your Infinite presence and causes me to be still, knowing that I am hopeless without you Your touch O God can work a thousand trials and ten thousand sufferings Yielded I lay before a You, humbled in Your presence I must stay, until You touch me God I will not go away Touch me O my God and I will be made whole, Touch me Divine One and it is death to the war in my soul Touch me God, yielded I wait Silent and still I am waiting patiently for Your touch

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  1. Cliff Goodrich

    This is probably the best piece of writing I’ve seen from you. Based on what I’m reading it looks like you come to some revelations. I hope you find your way Sonya, no doubt I could’ve made you happy at some point in the very near future as I am into something very big. But you made a choice and that your mom has told you in the past, you have now made your bed again and again you will have to sleep on it. Again I have to tell you that is The deepest most moving piece of writing you have written to date at least the ones I’ve seen. You have a huge capacity for creativity and I hope someday you’ll be able to use that to your best advantage. I wish you nothing but the best and sincerely hope you find your way.

     Cliff Goodrich 


  2. Cliff Goodrich

    I can’t seem to get away from what you’ve written here. You really seem to have crossed a huge threshold. I don’t know if this is temporary or if it’s permanent but I know that you are very definitely coming to some realizations that you never have before. This is a very very emotional very moving piece that you have written here. Somehow you have mastered the ability to take all of your emotions (at least in this case) And put them masterfully into print. I honest to God hope that you follow this talent to his fruition. Sorry, I just had to comment again this is absolutely excellent.

     Cliff Goodrich 


  3. Cliff Goodrich

    By the way I forgot to mention, I hope and pray with all my heart that you somehow find those words to be the direction you take from this point. I want nothing but the best for you and I don’t believe the present track your on is going to lead you to the best. This writing has the ability to change all that if you Just heed the words that you yourself have written..Don’t worry, I’m not going to continue to respond to you or try and make contact with you. I have made my peace with the direction I need to take and the fact it does not include you somehow gives me some comfort. This is been a long and tumultuous road for both of us and it’s time for me to move on. This doesn’t mean that I don’t still wish the best for you. I was just very taken by what I just saw.

     Cliff Goodrich 


  4. O beautiful soul, I pray that your prayers be answered and that truth be revealed to you. And while you are on this earth, I pray that you will be granted peace and serenity so that you can bring to closure what troubles your soul. Be still and the Holy Spirit who dwells within you will reveal the answers you seek. And when they do, I pray that that truth be so blinding that whatever falsities that pervades the air around you will disappear into nothingness. I pray that truth will bring you to a new beginning…and with that, the realization that beginnings must be treated with gentleness and care, for they are such delicate times. I pray that you will no longer be molested by abuse, lies and deceit. I pray that sickness, doubt, fear, weakness, sorrows and suffering will be banished from your life forever. I pray for you a happy life. And in the pursuit of that happy life, that you waste no time. For time is what life is made of. I pray that in the Devil’s forest of confusion that you see the tree of love that has been patiently standing before you. I pray no evil ever befalls you and that God wraps you in his cloak of protection, that he envelops you with his breastplate of righteousness and helmet of salvation. I pray that you realize that you are LOVED dear one.


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