Shedding the Illusion

As I am ever so gently awakened from this man made illusion I call life it becomes more apparent that with each breath that everything I once believed has not been lost but, has morphed into the unfamiliar space of the ancient cosmic unknown. This magical journey from the conscious into the unconscious draws me into the spellbound land of infinite design and purpose.

So as I travel through the mist of the mystery, I look for the doors that will lead me to a deeper knowledge of all things. Search as I may for these doors of infinite possibilities much to my confusion there are no doors. Doors represent limitations, boundaries and a progression which only contract my mind and hold me hostage again to another illusion. Doors do not exist here in this lucid place where light flows without restrictions.

So as pass through this mysterious mist looking for the answers and knowledge to the Source of the all Truth I am unshackled from the fetters of time. Arrival within to this unconscious cosmic space I cannot find any doorways, distances and measurements of time cease to exist. It is here where I experience a chaotic organized energy that draws me into a powerful vortex of a new spiritual dimension.

I long to connect to the Source where energy defines all life with unseen meridians, connective layers of realities, connective parallels of existence and cosmic intersections that create this miraculous all powerful matrix of infinite that is perfectly balanced. It is in this supernatural vortex that I am invited to be a creator of infinite possibilities, unchallenged capabilities and the architect of supernatural manifestations.

My awakened soul steps into the balance and experiences the power of my spiritual connection and relationship with the Source learning that my thoughts create primal energy that I own which is capable of transforming thoughts into Infinite power.

It is now that spirituality, science and religion unite as one and begin to guide me into a metamorphosis of becoming a completely different creature and form. Mastering this reality I am released from the illusion and a Universe of possibilities of the known and unknown unfold before me. It is here in this moment that has no known measurements that I realize that all wealth in any form belongs to me and I belong to it, as well. To sense my Oneness with the creative force of all things I am free from lack and strife. The energy that is seen and experienced beyond the illusion, I once knew is now always available, boundless and ever expanding manifesting my Divine purpose and rights.

To awaken is to pulled out of the muddy waters of a murky idea that what I can experience with my senses rules me and upon taking my first awakened breath I can now truly live as I was created to live. No longer a slave to a “ world” that controls time, space and belongings.


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