A Soul’s Farewell

A Soul’s Farewell

The red bird comes to sing his song no feather he leaves,

on the ancient tree of life there are no more leaves

The distant chimes play a faint chime of yesterday, I can almost hear what they are trying to say

It almost sounds like the whimsical cords of a song that I use to play

The sun and the moon have embraced one another in an eternal dance,

And time has become one intimate silent trance

The desert breeze is blowing its flute of peace,

O’ how it’s sweet melody brings such beautiful release

I search for the raven who guides my way

She caws insistently, “ We cannot stay”

The Council of ages stands waiting at the gates of time,

As the brilliant starts so brightly shine

For a brief moment… I can almost remember what was once mine

The stones are too heavy they cannot be moved, their story of the past has been ultimately proved

The desert blooms in all it’s pageant array, the flowers are calling “ Come let’s play”

O’ feathers, O’ feathers how you flutter under my wings,

As my soul releases it’s joy as it gently sings

Fly! Fly! High above the troubled trees, high into the place of sacred peace

When you hear the beat of the drum,

Please remember where we all came from

I cannot think of one reason to stay,

The world has enough children to play,

I am so tired, I want to sleep

And there are no more reasons for me to weep

I am going to go and paint a beautiful place,

One where the colors are Love, Hope and Grace

The sage is burning I don’t have long,

Please remember me when you hear my song

Goodbye until we meet on that cliff where I live,

Remember it’s not what you take but, what you give

For it is what you give that changes the world,

and what you must face when life is unfurled

So now its time to say good night and I bid you sweet rest

Sleep with the angels and leave you with my best

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