The Mirror of the Soul no

The Mirror of our Soul

We all must seek out the quiet place that we call or “sacred space”, it is here that we have our eyes opened. The scales fall off our eyes and we can see the mirror of the Universe all around us revealing our soul.

I remember the first moment that this experience happened to me, I was in the painted desert of New Mexico. I went out there for a painting experience alone, being led my unseen forces I knew I was suppose to go there, but not sure why. Sometimes we must follow our intuition blindly in our pursuit of awakening.

Finding our sacred place is not difficult one only needs to find that place where there soul resonates with peace. Some of us are water souls, other forest souls, and I was a desert soul. Each space resonates it’s frequency that connects to your soul at the same resonating energy.

When we find our sacred space, it is the beginning of an inward journey that must break our outward shell of who we and the world “thinks” we are. What happens to our whole being when we awaken to our true soul is beyond our understanding and expectations. Our sacred place is a mystical mirror of our soul connected to the Universe that teaches us who we are, what we are and why we are here.

My experience in the painted desert enveloped in such a magical pace in New Mexico took three days for the power of this powerful resonating force to finally sink in, being alone and allowing the noise of “life” to quiet down I found myself faced with my demons. I remember the night before so clearly, I was so frustrated and just wanted to run out of that desert as fast as my feet could run. I could not put my finger on it but, I was breaking down inside and out.

The next morning I woke up and I was astounded at the stillness and silence within and all the pain, frustration and confusion was gone. There I was feeling of emptiness and I began to be enveloped by this overwhelming emotion of love and I started crying, not even knowing exactly why. Then all of a sudden out of the blue, deep within I began to hear a soft voice. This voice was so powerful and it was clear, peaceful and familiar, this was the first time I heard my soul’s voice and it broke me as I began to weep with release and joy. It was as if someone had opened the flood gates of my heart and allowed the waters of my soul to flow without restraint for the first time. I finally understood what freedom and being awake truly was. I will never forget that experience and it was at that moment in my life that I knew I would never be the same.

When I walked outside early that morning, overwhelmed with love and looked around I saw the jagged,broken,beautiful towering cliffs all around me and realized that this sacred space was a mirror of my soul. Rugged, broken, jagged, timeless, old, beautiful, and so many stories. I immediately felt a connection to my surroundings every rock, every cliff were before me with a thousand eyes and mouths. I felt the Universe, God; the souls of those who dwelt here, teachers of another world, the wind had songs and the sun appeared like an angel.

It is amazing that we can be standing In the midst of such power and be blind to all that is. These rocks, cliffs and jagged towering ancestors revealed my reflection and I could see how much healing I needed. It was at this moment that I found my soul and had the power to rescue myself.

I think we are all looking for someone to rescue us from something. Pursuing that empty place within. It was here in the solitude of my authentic being, deep within my soul that I painstakingly traveled to apprehend myself. To recognize who we are standing before the mirror of the Universe of our soul we see ourselves as God as sees us and our reminded of what we have been seeking is deep within our soul. It is in the depths of the soul that we will travel and see God silently sitting by the fire of our creation. It is this fire that ignites our unique passions and being. It is the fire that we were formed out of like a forger of souls; God formed each of us uniquely according to a Divine design.

It is a difficult journey for the soul, many get lost. There are no true manuals it is a road one must travel alone. If one is willing to lose themselves in the chaos of their own darkness and remain steadfast they will find God sitting within waiting.

There are no words, no emotions, nothing of this world to describe this special moment when the Universe stands still and the breeze from heaven holds its breath . We are born again through the infinite power of brokenness and hear our soul’s voice beckon us to come within and sit by the fire with our Creator.


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