Lost and Found – Retrieving the Pieces of your Life

As time progresses in my life I have come to the conclusion that so many of us are trying to regather the pieces of our lives. To retrieve those moments and parts of our story that were lost, left behind and we let go of because of the emotion they held that maybe affected our lives negatively. We come to understand that our lives are very much like a puzzle and as we grow older we realize that to see the whole picture we must go back and retrieve those missing pieces to see our Divine purpose. Finding these pieces will give us a wealth of revelation of who we are and the clarity to move forward following our Divine purpose.

There is a time and place for everything in our lives, we go through times where it is time to ” let go “. It is part of the growth process we must learn to leave behind those things, people or emotions that will hinder our growth. We are not ready to accept or learn the lesson at that time so we ” Let go “, of the weight and wait until the optimum time of retrieval . This is not in anyway to be compared to treading or digging in our mind sifting through the muddy past leaving our emotional state cloudy and disturbed. Retrieval of our soul at the specific time is the answer we seek currently but, in the past we were not ready for it.

Everyone wants our lives to count, to matter and to make sense to us. Seeking to find answers to the unanswered questions. If we ” let go” or ” leave behind”, all those pieces we will be unable to see the beautiful picture of our lives in it’s wholeness. There are moments when “letting go”, is good for you but, be sure that “letting go” is filing away the moment for another time because not all our “moments” are meant to be thrown out like the baby with the bath water. My advice to you is to use the process of sifting through the moments before we just let them go. As time moves forward in our lives we will find ourselves sifting our souls in the waters of healing looking for the gems that are hidden.

Have you ever bought a puzzle and put it together only to find that at the end you realize there are missing pieces? What a frustrating feeling to find out you spent so much time to create something only to find out you can not finish it. So it is good to understand the power and significance of those words that are so easily and often thrown out there like some kind of religious mantra of freedom, ” let it go!” Be careful not to fall into that trap.

So many of us find ourselves going through our days feeling like something is missing, always looking to fill a void we cannot see. It is at these times we need to sit down, reflect on our lives and reevaluate what we have ” let go”. There come times we can only find the missing in those pieces. We were not ready to learn or understand at that time but, we may find ourselves now prepared to retrieve those, sift through and replace the piece of our life correctly.

You may sense you are in this place and feel like you are experiencing an inner transformation which requires you to initiate your own personal soul retrieval. It is time for you in your spiritual journey to bring healing, understanding and peace to your soul about certain events in your life. What is extraordinary is that we can go back and regather these pieces for our souls healing. Although, time comes and goes throughout our lives not changing what is being held within or without our soul. Time is not a friend or foe, time is only the timeline of your story.

Are your ready to grab your pan, step into the healing waters of your soul and begin sifting out the gems ( those beautiful pieces of who you are). Isn’t it time to see your story?


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