See Me?

See me? Look longer: at me and focus on the all the details.

I have so many jagged edges, scars, bruises, rips and tattered holes in this frame of my being. Where do you think these wounds came from?

I did not choose to take the easy way, the pretty path, or the well trodden road.

See me?

Was I afraid? I cannot even express the fear that I have had to battle. This journey requires one to learn to walk with fear realizing that fear is the ” natural” state of the unknown. Greatness is not measured by natural standards but, it is measured by a standard of one choosing to fail, to be afraid, to lose, to make mistakes and still move forward in spite of the risks or ridicule. Greatness does not give up, expect the easy way out and has forgotten how to turn around.

See me? My clothes are torn and dirty – my dusty feet are hard and tough from this long journey. I am weathered by all the trials and I walk with a limp from my all night wrestling with a God I cannot see.

See me? If you have eyes to see -Look closely I am not the person I use to be or who you once knew. What a chameleon I have become allowing myself to appear in many ways and with so many colors. I choose how I will reveal myself to you.

See me? Don’t be afraid of me or my appearance look past the illusion to see if you have eyes to see. Disregard me if you choose, envy me if you are blind or despise me if you don’t want to believe the truth.

See me? If you can, how does it feel to know that you have not traveled alone on this journey?

Hold my hand and let’s go places where we become unraveled and then woven together as one. Then you will not see me nor you, but a new creature that has been changed from the caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly.


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