In the beginning our vision is blind to an alternative vision that exists everywhere. All creation whether things of order and disorder are not only synced above but also below teaching far beyond all our ideas, beliefs and reasonings. Behind the veil of our fragile reality and perception is the ability to change what exists if we are willing to let go and free ourselves from what we think, what we have been taught and what we have known. Using the natural states of reality to understand that which is beyond our minds ability to interpret what is not known causes our mind and body great conflict and creates disagreement ending in separateness. This confusion blinds my intuition causing the power of synchronicity and Divine appointments that have become lost through my confusion. The weakening of the spirit causes us to feed and strengthen our wills and egos to separate ourselves from the Divine connectiveness that resides within.
Bringing us back to the beginning of all that is black and white the ultimate separation of life… Day and night / light and dark. We wait for for the colors of truth to be revealed and an eternal reality to unblind us from our infantile vision, beliefs, reasonings, and ideas of truth. Looking through the colors of the Infinite connection of Life we begin to see through our consciousness that we must let go and fall into a living, infinite, supernatural ocean of possibilities. It is in that state of being and acute awareness that we can imagine a a new reality that exists without natural reasoning or laws. Only through great resolve do we let go and lose ourselves to see with Infinite eyes of possibilities. Resist the fear of the unknown! Calling on the power of our wills to overcome our insecurity to urge us to cross the lines of the acceptable reality of blind futility into the unacceptable mystery. To fall through the power of our struggle to the unknown in search of truth and the connection that frees us from the illusion that exists within the lines of life and death. We must choose and embrace the desire and the overwhelming magnetic pull of the Universe. To move into the resonating rhythm and energy of all that is connected to lose myself in the invisible Source of One. Mourning the loss of my self … My ego … My one ness…. Only through the emotions of a carnal reality that never existed. To step aside and watch as the funeral procession passes by and carry away and all that I was or who I use to be. In this dying shadow I am reborn to an awareness, a consciousness that inspires me to fathom with an unending understanding of knowledge where there is no answer to the question but a Source of power that resonates through me in my connectedness giving clarity to my path. My vision changes and all that was ugly, indifferent and undesirable becomes beautiful and I am free to an endless flow of energy to become one with the Helix of Life constantly spiraling creating the metamorphosis of the Divine within. Although lost and connected I experience the unshakable power of the Universe inside and out transforming me. I embrace my connection with complete trust seeking for that which is unknown and taboo throwing my will to the wind of this Divine Power of Infinite connectedness in hope I will travel beyond where mortal feet have not traveled or minds have not wandered. An explorer of a spiral of Energy that continues into a vast space without time. Addicted to the connection I fall into a infinite lunacy of truth without human reason but amazing possibilities …

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