The Reflections of the Shadow


I am alone in the cruelest of ways…. What lesson is this? This lesson has not been taught to my soul in some cold classroom in which I am quietly disconnected. There are no degrees hanging on the walls of my heart declaring intelligent assumption. No! This lesson finds its degree in heat of passion to believe that there is a place that exists where the genuine flames of love burn and that a purified peace can be apprehended. It is in the trail of tears that contain the memories of my life and reflection of the hope of my future that I have emptied myself of those ideas that exist without me. Relentless shredding of my heart has left scars that sing in a language that I cannot interpret in the shadow. It is pain that is the teacher of truth and it is not discovered among the daisies of the field but, it is revealed in the dark blindness of whom we are and who we are not. It is what I think that I need that I cannot attain and the more I want it the more it eludes me. So the wanting and needing are the hands that continually knead these inner conflicts within my soul. Those who pursued me have seen their shadow and upon the capture of my soul find that it was just a reflection of what they had lost. One may find their reflection in the mirrors that hang on my walls but, the mirror is mine. There are no winners, nor losers in this game of seductive delusion of perfection it is only those who understand the power of inner truce that transforms the darkness.

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  1. POWERFUL!!!!!!!


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