Transformed by the power of Fluidity

This past year I have experienced some very deep emotions and gained a broader perspective of life through these events.  I would not necessarily call it change …. I think the best words that describe what I feel have happened would be transformed by the power of enlightenment.  I am in the process of awakening everyday to new ideas, thoughts and beliefs about myself and the world around me.  I believe that enlightenment is a continual spiritual process of transformation. It is not a onetime event that just happens and then you are done.  Enlightenment is like breathing in every sense of the action.  It is a state of “being”.  It is the ability to follow the path that is before you without knowing where you are going and to allow God, the Universe, Creation and Truth lead you without having the fear.  It is a continual motion that evolves, transforms and enlightens the body, mind, soul and spirit.  I have found that the key to keep in a forward motion is to have an open mind and heart with everything.  To respect the path and journey of those around you – meaning you respect their journey even if their ideas, thoughts or beliefs may not agree with yours, understanding that everyone’s journey is unique.  Last, but not least, is letting go of “stuff” and surrendering to the moment, meaning to walk in fluidity of everything and everyone around you.  This movement of surrendering to the moment includes accepting where you are at on your journey the good, bad and indifferent.  This is not an event but it is the energy current and flow of this unpredictable path.  The more we learn to surrender to the moment and accept where we are, the more gentle the path becomes to us.

Life is messy and that’s just the bottom line.  It may be more or less messy at times but one can be assured that there is always something we must “deal “with or get “through”.  So looking for the way out is definitely not the answer.  Finding ways to avoid or manage messes and also, how to clean up or walk through them is quite helpful.  The sooner we accept the “mess” and stop complaining about it – the sooner we will move forward on the path.  Some messes are more painful than others to be sure but, the painful ones are the ones we learn the deeper lessons from.  So surrendering to the moment allows us to position ourselves to learn, to receive and to find meaning to the “mess”.

I think that many are seeking a deeper level of truth and spiritual awareness.  These unpredictable times have opened many eyes to realize that we must be willing to change if we want to see “change”.  We must be the change in the world we want to see.  We cannot control the world but we have the ability to make changes around us that will affect the world in a positive way.  We may be pebbles or stones but either of them when dropped into the water creates a ripple effect that affects the reflection of the water.  How far and how deep that change happens is beyond our understanding or vision.  Everything that happens changes something else, that changes something else…. This is the butterfly effect of our actions.

We are living in a time of interconnection where spirituality, science and morality are beginning to reveal the power of their connectiveness to each other.  Everything that we have known and understood in these three arenas are changing because of the reality of this fact.  Not all things that we knew to be science are just scientific facts any longer they have now crossed over the lines into spirituality and morality.  These connections are being revealed to us constantly and what we use to think or believe is being challenged by new information and facts. With all this new awareness being thrown in our laps we have a lot of new choices to make. 

We must acknowledge the facts and recognize that no matter what ideology that was taught to us by man has now come under the revision status of revelatory facts.  Discovery can challenge your beliefs and cause you to choose ignorance or enlarge your borders of truth.  Either way, the fact still remains and requires us to make new choices.  

My idea of who God is has changed so drastically in the past 2 years. Everything I thought I knew has been changed or transformed in some respect about the idea of who God is.  God has become this Divine force that permeates everything for me now.  God is so vast, that all that we know and understand as our reality, the earth and the Universe are but a speck in the eye of God.  So immense is God and yet, so very personal.  Who can claim to understand this?  I marvel at this amazing reality.  I have let go of all the doctrinization that I had received earlier in my life.  That doesn’t mean that there was not truth within these ideas but, I wanted to discover more so I chose to release myself from the prison of my mind, my past and what was “ truth” and set my ship to sail for a new world. 

It is a scientific fact that the Universe is continually expanding, continually revealing God.  Expansion is very important to our spiritual growth and reality.  Allowing ourselves to take the walls down and open up our minds and hearts to expand.  To say “I don’t know but I am willing to learn”, to take the position as the student of the Universe, God, Creation and Truth.  To become intimately acquainted with a God that you can recognize outside of the books and speeches.  I have found God in the most unusual places that it always amazes me when that happens.  It makes me realize that God is not confined to anything.  I guess that’s why you could find Jesus in the tax collectors house or hanging out with the prostitutes. God is not confined to what we think is right and wrong or good and bad. In fact, the only time Jesus really got angry was in the temple and He threw things and overturn tables.  The circumstances might not be so different even today.

Everything is changing so quickly around us and the Earth is undergoing some very radical changes on all levels.  We are moving into a new a new dimension of reality and moving away from what was.  This is not just a spiritual idea but a true reality that is making us face up to our rooted belief systems.  Creation is speaking to evoke the change that is necessary for our survival.  It as though it is poking us hard and saying to us, “WAKE UP”!

All that we understood as religion that led us to believe in the good of humanity has changed and now wears many masks.  Religion has become a word that is used to describe different ideas of God and his purpose some good, grand and some abhorrently vile.  Those who were once connected to religion have cut their lines because they recognize that there is a change that appears to be happening. I have done that as well and have entered the path of discovery to encounter the mysterious nature of God.

In the Bible Jesus asks his disciples “Who do you say that I am?” and some reply with many different answers but Peter says “You are the Christ the Son of the Living God” and Jesus says “blessed are you Simon Barjona for flesh and blood did not reveal this to but my Father who is heaven”.  It is on this level, at this point of consciousness that God wants to meets us.  Toes to Toes as they say in the sales world, to meet God on your level of consciousness, eye to eye.  Who do you say that God is?  If we stripped away all that we have been taught and had to size God up God, who is God to you? 

To summarize what I am expressing I would have to say that change is coming and it is coming quickly.  We can work towards security for our lives to a degree but there is always that X factor, the one thing we didn’t see coming.  We cannot control life therefore we need to understand that acceptance brings solutions if we are willing to shake hands with the thorn that vexes us.  To consciously move in the positive flow we need to live in the fluidity of the moment and not find ourselves stuck in the sludge and grind of the negative that will paralyze us if we allow it to.  To stay open minded to God and be the student and not dictate how God can teach you or reveal life to you.  This is a time of change universally, scientifically, economically, geographically and spiritually so we must stay flexible to not necessarily “new” knowledge but, knowledge that is discovered (revelation). Our lives will go through many different kinds of arenas some good, some bad and some extremely ugly but if we allow ourselves to accept our circumstances and learn we will find the mystery we seek.  The mysteries we seek are not hung on tress like golden apples; no they are deep within the mine of hard rock and must be hewn.  But if we stand fast and are determined to find what we need we will embark on the path that few brave travelers tread upon.  Will you be one?   

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  1. There were so my points made here that resonated within me…so much to ponder….I really enjoyed what you wrote here and I find it all extremely thought provoking….thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences…I am now left with the haunting question of “who do you say God is?”……..finally, will I be the one? I’m working on it….I think…


  2. P.S……TP ❤


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