We are created as a perfect blueprint unique and only one of a kind.  There are no two alike… we are born into this world fully mature.  Our souls are ageless entities that do not change.  We are born and it is at that very moment that our natural minds take over and the face of our soul and all that we are spiritually starts to fade away from our memory.  We are born knowing exactly who we are, what we are here to do and what we look like.  Our first breath here begins to wipe away the thought, the memory, the feeling of all that we knew before that first breath.  Time passes and we progressively move away from our eternal existence.  We are thrown into this world of the unknown to clamor and fight our way for every spiritual breath.  We must be brought to a place in this life where we question our very existence before we begin to see. Why are we here? What are we suppose to do?  Who are you? What do we believe?  We try to change our hair color, our style, our bodies but we can not move away from the source of our being.  It remains the same without change.  Our souls pull on us like a magnet pulling us to its source.  For our soul has a constant awareness that it is the mediator that draws us to our Source and purpose.  Surrendering to its pull is accomplished by stillness…….

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