The Dark Room!

I have decided to not create my own darkness… to let the light out … pull back the curtains of my soul and open the windows of my heart!  In the darkness of fear I have closed up and believed that I could protect myself from the outside not understanding that in that struggle to keep the windows shut and curtains closed I was in my own personal dark prison.  Crying and screaming to get out of the dark room of my soul. Sitting… pacing… sleeping….crying…screaming…silence!!!!!  Questioning everything I knew to be truth and love!  I peered through the curtain and a small ray of light came streaming in it was then in an instant that I saw the reality of where I was and the only way to find freedom I so desperately wanted.  I pulled back every curtain in my soul and opened the windows of my heart letting the light shine in and in a second darkness, fear and confusion disappeared…. And there you were!

The struggle in hiding yourself from the world because you are afraid of pain is the darkness we create for ourselves… thinking that if we cannot be seen then we are safe.  In actuality, the darkness we create to feel safe becomes a prison of fear and confusion…..  In not being seen we cannot see.

The struggle with the darkness is only what we create with our minds.  That is the place where darkness can exist if we allow it.  They say we are… our own worst enemy…. This is a great truth! We are own devil and we become the thieves that rob and destroy ourselves in the greatest efforts to protect our deluded minds.  Darkness feeds on ignorance and delusion and it is fear that seeks to control the decisions of our minds, the beliefs of our intellect, the actions of our soul and the feelings of our heart.  Once fear has anchored itself inside then we become paralyzed hiding ourselves away from the world.

So let today be a new day, open up and allow the sunshine in to your dark room.  I know that it is a risk in opening up because you take the chance of experiencing pain.  But consider the alternative… sitting in the darkness of confusion is its own very lonely pain.  Just because you cannot see does not mean that you cannot feel.  Life is full of risk and the chance that we are going to experience pain is 100%.  The question is not “Are we going to experience pain?” but, “How are we going to handle the pain we may experience in the future?”

Don’t be a prisoner in your own prison… you have the keys to the door, open the curtains… let the light in and then unlock the door. Everything changes allow your pain to strengthen and change your expectations so that you can be all that you were called to be and do… here and now.  Tomorrow never comes!

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