I felt compelled to open up a forum for spirituality that is open-minded and geared toward those who are seeking answers that cannot be found in the mainstream of religious teachings and for those who have exhausted spiritual ideologies (GOMU). To express the desire to move forward on their spiritual journey without boundaries or limitations.  Those who feel that there has been a shift of cosmic progressive revelation that has brought us into a new age of spiritual sensitivity.  To realize that as prophecy is fulfilled there is a revelation of Truth that causes a cosmicaxiom that leads to a new evolution of all spiritual principles.  Truth in itself does not change just as a scientist who discovers a cure for a disease that could not be cured in the past because the technology was not available, so we too as spiritual scientists are seeking to discover not necessarily new Truth but, that which was hidden to the naked spiritual eye because of the inability to understand the evolution of spiritual Truth and that all things are connected through Divine Energy.  This is not a forum that holds prejudice to any belief system or maintains an accepted set of doctrines.  If religion is your arena this forum is probably not a comfort zone.  Not that this forum is not open to discuss any belief or idea but, it will not contend with debate about what is Truth or heresy.  This is the place to grow and learn outside the box in the breaking dawn of a new age of spiritual resonance that is moving science, ancient teachings, future prophecy and spirituality together as one force connected like strands in a thread that are intertwined to create a collective consciousness of positive intentions that all can tap into to experience it’s power.

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