Most of us have had some description of a spiritual experience or moment in time when you have felt God, the Divine or the other realm of another world. The moment has come and touched some of our lives to pass by and then with others the moment has stopped us in our tracks and we came to the realization that there was an existence of God, of the Divine realm and made the decision to believe it and learn more. We diligently attend religious and spiritual meetings, we perform spiritual acts of worship, we buy books, we go to seminars, we listen to CD’s and DVD’s we chase after knowledge of the Divine and we exhaust our minds, bodies and souls for the deep desire to have another Divine appointment and experience.

When we have that moment, the experience changes us and we know that there is something other than what we have known on this earth. It gives us instant relief, peace, clarity and a purifying of soul .Even though it is the experience that has changed us we find ourselves in pursuit of knowledge eventually coming to the relentless conclusion, if pursued long enough that knowledge and experience cannot replace one another.

I don’t want to be a priest… I just want to know, feel, experience God as much as possible. Do you have to be a priest? Does the Divine Order of creation have a hierarchy? Can only the elect, the special, the chosen get privy VIP status to the Divine…. Leaving the rest of us to wonder, to experience being lost, blind and deaf only to depend on others for religious spiritual information not really knowing where that information came from. Do we end up finding ourselves putting our faith in God, the Divine and our trust in others to tell us what to do to keep Divine Order in our lives. I am not demoting the fact that there are individuals that are placed on our paths to help us along our journey. In actuality, there are many that are used to help us, teach us, heal us and guide us along the way. We are connected by the creator, creation itself and the energy that keep’s it’s constant perfect order. If there is one thing we should have learned as humans by now is that we do need each other to exist and our connectiveness achieves the better good for all mankind.

Spirituality has it’s dual purpose in one respect it gives us the gift of (at- oneness) – (atonement) with God, the Divine and Creation and yet, on the other hand it connects us to creation and teaches us to draw strength from the Divine that is not only within but that surrounds us constantly. Both are equally important to create a peaceful balance in our spirit so that we do not lose sight of the reason we exist is to fulfill our infinite purpose and not just what we feel that we are here to do on this planet.

The Divine order and infinite power that is available to all. The sun will gracefully resign this evening, the moon will joyfully rise, the plants will explode with flowers, the rivers will extend their arms to their to source and we will restfully sleep, constantly awake, give birth and slowly die without direction, rules or effort. Creation within the boundaries of time move constantly in perfect order. Creation in the Divine Infinite Order of God are constant and perfect without boundaries of time, space or lack.

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